Ethereum Price Movement Remains Moderate Around $145

  • Ethereum is speculated to remain locked around $145 for some time
  • The month-long run indicates heavy price crash

ETH and other coins in the crypto market have recently experienced a heavy price crash, and the same indicated an improvement in the later hours, but the effect seems to last long. The month-long movement in Ethereum is indicating a hefty loss.

The traders who are looking for improvement might have to wait a little longer. However, the rumors about growth are still intact. We are also positive that the upsurge might improve the momentum of the coin soon.

Ethereum Price Analysis:

ETH coin started the month at $186.25. Until October 30, the price escalated to $192.09 by 3.86%. Thereafter, the price started dropping. The counters changed and touched $181.40 by 5.50%. The currency jumped to $193.64 by 7.17%. But the market pressure took the Ethereum again to $184.28. ETH price kept trading around $184 for a long time. Until the price counters took a tremendous fall. The regression marked in Ethereum was 21.81%. The price counters moved from $184.28 to $144.19. Further, the downtrend remained locked as Ethereum breached the 90-day low and touched $134. The price escalated to $150 after the same.

Ethereum (ETH) Price Chart

Ethereum price is expected to improve in the coming days. The traders interested in the currency are speculated to earn a high return in long run. The current price of Ethereum is at $146.40. As per the current trend it might reach its immediate support level. Even, it could drop below the crucial support level at $143.28.

Resistance Level Price Support Level Price
R1 $150.91 S1 $146.13
R2 $152.84 S2 $143.28
R3 $155.69 S3 $141.35

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