How to Make Money with Ethereum in 2020?

Cryptocurrencies are now finding their way into people’s daily lives, and people already use some as an alternative for cash. Ethereum is the second-largest crypto out there developed by Vitalik Buterin, next to Bitcoin, and was created in 2008.

Ethereum got popular with the crypto audience because of its unique quality, which allows its users to write code that can be used in it’s blockchain-verse. This feature was not found in bitcoin when it was released. It was solely developed for the storage and transfer of cryptos.

Coming to the main part of this article, here are some genuine ways to earn or mine and make money with Ethereum in 2020. Let’s get more details on it.

Ways to Earn Money From Ethereum

Ethereum has a total market cap of around $14 billion and is the third most traded crypto after Bitcoin and Tether. These are some of the ways to earn ETH from trading to mining and we have it all.

Invest or Trade Ethereum:

You can Invest or Trade Ethereum as most people do that instead of mining. Thanks to the insane uncertainty in the crypto markets, commodities such as Ethereum may be exchanged with huge profits for active traders. Like any trade, you must have your strategy and calculations to predict the market and trade at the right time.

Investing in Ethereum: Investing in Ethereum is like a general investing strategy, but here you will be investing in crypto and the trading time is usually longer. In terms of Ethereum trading, you might need to wait for months or even years for better profit returns. You can invest slowly when you find the value lower than the average rate. Investing in Ethereum is more of one time or a few, depending on your investment value. 

When investing in Ethereum or any other crypto, one must know a few factors, such as the number of daily users for the particular crypto. Don’t worry about the overbought crypto, if you have done the math.

Trading Ethereum: Trading Ethereum is a method to plan and execute a strategy that aims at generating income through repeated transactions and selling of the Ethereum. Over a while, crypto trading was an incredible profit-making platform for most people and now the crypto market has changed drastically, as per Ethereum News.

Ethereum traders may employ several techniques, including trading, arbitration, and automated bot trading.

What are the Best Places to Trade and Invest in Ethereum?

There are many websites where you can trade or invest in ETH. These websites provide secure and risk-free transactions. They are,

  1. Prime XBT: This website is a leading platform to buy and sell various cryptos and crypto-assets. From day one, this site has rapidly expanded, having a regular exchange volume of up to $650 million a day.

Prime XBT’s growth has been powered by an ever-increasing variety of apps, which now allows traders to set up their own peer-to-peer trading fund effortlessly. This platform also has the lowest exchange rate of 0.05% per trade. 

  1. Binance: This is another leading platform for crypto trade and is simpler than other available platforms. Even though Binance was created in 2017, many users find it easy and reliable in their trade. The platform offers small leverage lending of up to 3x for some cryptos, which may be expanded to boost functionality for their customers.

There are various other platforms out there and these two are leading in the market as per the user’s reviews.

Mining ETH:

Mining is the same for any crypto. Your computer of the specified rig will mine the desired crypto you choose and you will get a minimal amount of crypto at the end of the day. Mining is nothing but the process involved in solving complicated cryptographic puzzles in seconds by your computer.

You will need a higher-end PC and a plan to cut off the high electric bills by mining.

Lending Ether:

You can lend or borrow ETH from websites or through peer-to-peer transfer. Borrowers can use the collateral of their crypto assets to get a Fiat or Stablecoin loan, while lenders give the required assets for the loan at an agreed interest rate. Lenders can use Fiat or StableCoin as collateral to borrow crypto assets.

Ethereum Referral Programs:

You can earn ETH through referral programs and you probably know how referrals work. You can make as much as from trade by referral programs and this requires zero investment. 

ETH from Blogging and Faucets:

You can earn ETH or any crypto if you can blog or write worthy content for the audience on websites. There are platforms like and publish 0x where you can blog and earn crypto. Your readers will tip you for the content which can be debited as crypto or cash. 


These are gaming platforms, where you can earn ETH by playing games like poker, rummy, and dice. The amount earned will be less, but it is easy cash. Some of the famous faucet platforms are Stake, Luckygames, Luckyfish, and YoloDice. 


You must have probably been introduced to ETH and how you can earn and make money easily. Do get to know more about ETH and the future market for safe profits. Happy mining.

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