Ethereum (ETH) Price Moves Moderately Over Past 3-months

  • Ethereum (ETH) price is seen hovering around $185 from last two months
  • The tight hold of the coin might be an indication of future upsurge

Ethereum is moderately suffering in the market when compared to Bitcoin. If we look at the last 3-month chart, the price started dealing at $172 in September and is currently at $187. The inclination in the price amid heavy fluctuation is a sign of the high potential that the coin holds.

The currency is floating around $185 from last two months. There is an anticipation that the price might be gearing up for the upcoming upsurge. Let’s have a look at the Ethereum price chart.

ETH/USD Price Analysis:

The above given chart is reflecting a moderate movement in the coin. The price of Ethereum started dealing at $172 on September 01, 2019. The coin embarked an upsurge and mounted at $224 marking a heavy progression of 29.8%. Unable to hold, ETH/USD fell to $154 by 31.50%. The recovery in the coin picked up the price and closed at $185 by 20.25%. The month-long movement in the coin indicated an uptrend of 7.17%.

Last month the price was seen falling in the first few days. The counters moved from $185 to $170 by 7.88%. The price jumped to $197 by 15.75%. Further, the currency fell to $154 by 22.12% just to leap to $198 by 28.75%. Unable to hold, the price slipped to $183 by 7.43% during the closing period of the month. The month reflected 7.88% regression in the price. The ongoing month is reflecting a moderate movement around $187.

Ethereum (ETH) Price

Ethereum investment has always given promising result and currently trades around $187 price area. The currency is slowly moving towards the immediate resistance level at $188. The other calculated immediate resistance and support levels are as follows:

Resistance Level Price
R1 $188.46
R2 $190.09
R3 $192.22
Support Level Price
S1 $184.7
S2 $182.57
S3 $180.94

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